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Creating Smart Solutions on a Global Scale

Meet the Company

Pinef is a boutique consulting firm that supports start-up to middle market companies in their journey to expand into global markets. Our core services have always been focused in providing market intelligence and financial resources to help companies grow internationally.

As management consultants we are hired by clients to solve problems. And as problem solvers we are at the forefront of applying our knowledge, experience, and resources to create smart solutions on a global scale. When you engage with us in a client relationship, you effectively join a team of extremely skilled, trained, and connected professionals, able to develop customized responses to new realities and trends. Countless successful projects back us up around the globe… with an added flair: A highly experienced and motivated second generation in control of 50 years of international expertise to help you connect the dots.

Why us?

We have directly interacted with our clients in the international arena and across industries. We have also understood that globalization creates increasingly complex geopolitical dynamics encompassing profound changes in the rules of economic, social, and geopolitical activities. We know that industries and markets are permanently being affected by disruptive technologies, changes in international law, and all sorts of adversities. We perceive that constant change has become the rule. This is why we continuously prepare ourselves to tackle the toughest obstacles of global phenomena.

One of the key ingredients to our success is having the proper resources to make you succeed. As a truly Global Partnership our network is built around world-class partners, which include: financial institutions, governmental agencies, international organizations, private organizations, public organizations, and highly qualified service providers.

With direct presence in Latin America, Europe, and Asia, we are able to offer unique services, guaranteeing the highest international quality standards. Give us the challenge. We will certainly find new and better ways of creating value to your company.

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Our Services

Net Zero & ESG Transition Services

Forced by a multiplicity of global forces, a big chunk of investors and markets are progressively asking for effective environmental, social, and governance (ESG) metrics and a path to net-zero carbon emissions away from greenwashing and deceitful marketing gimmicks. But a complex problem cannot always be replaced by simplicity. Sustainability analysis is as complex as it gets. It has to consider several inputs of social, political, regulatory and scientific variables that constantly bounce back at each other and change, from country to country. Our on-field experience and long-term partners are the key to help our clients identify the shortest path to get them closer to Net Zero. It spans from simple decarbonizing strategies for current operations such as the implementation of available technologies, to high-level work involving full B-Corp agendas and ESG action plans.

Strategy Consulting Services

Corporate Strategy:

As strategy consultants we are regularly brought in to design the development of strategic plans and implementation roadmaps. Common examples of strategic advisory projects include the assessment of strategic options for the business to expand, consolidate, or exit certain markets; supporting business planning processes; and developing full cycle agendas for the short, medium, and long term goals of our clients. It will all come down to what you need. Engage with us and we’ll surprise you with thoughtful leadership, innovative thinking, and a clear path towards implementation.

M&A Strategy:

We serve companies and investors by building frameworks to understand the economic drivers of mergers and acquisitions, and further down the line, we support our clients with due diligence work on potential targets. We can also play a role in M&A by supporting the establishment of alliances and joint ventures, managing divestitures, carve-outs, and facilitating Initial Public Offerings.

Strategic Partnerships:

Partnering strategies have surfaced to the core of the strategic work, not just enabling business ambitions, but more than ever representing the essence between the success and failures of businesses. This service area brings together elements from strategy, technology, and access to markets to accelerate growth and results through strategic partnerships.

Financial Services

Our clients’ success also relies on Pinef’s ability to source the right type of funding. We are seasoned professionals in arranging financing, be it in the form of simple corporate loans or investments, as well as more sophisticated approaches of capital raising solutions to enable our clients to fund their growth and strategic initiatives. We work with long-term partners in the financial industry able to provide innovative and powerful investment ideas to our clients and execute solutions that give our clients an edge to achieve their financial goals in the market place.

Meet our Managing Partner

High-energy, hands-on professional Mr. Juan Ramada is known globally for his successful record of accomplishments in structuring and closing international deals. He has outstanding communication and interpersonal skills with fluency in more than five languages and rich multicultural exposure for having lived, from a young age, in seven countries.

Restless entrepreneur who participated in countless projects and ventures, Juan is a savvy analyst and strategist with great experience transitioning companies from start-up to scale-up. Some of his credentials include:

20+ years of expertise in international projects and rich intercultural exposure, including China, Middle East, LatAm, EU, and North America.

Proven track-record of structuring international deals for top-tier international companies in the billion dollar range.

20+ years of background in global multilateral negotiations and business rounds with public and private stakeholders across industries, including NGOs, Governments, and International Organizations.
Extensive international experience in financial advisory (IPO, SPAC, RTO), investment, turnaround, and exit strategies.

Background in BA and finance, Master in Internationalization, and Executive Degree in Global Business from Harvard Business School.

Contact Information:

78SW 7th Street, Suite 500
Miami FL 33130
+1 (203) 987 5447